FAQs About Right Media's Internet Ad Technology
Posted June 07, 2007

Right Media Inc. ("Right Media") is an advertising technology company. Since Internet users occasionally have questions about what the Yield Manager technology does, we have prepared these FAQs to answer the most frequently asked questions. Right Media reserves the right to modify these FAQs at any time.

What does Right Media do?

Right Media runs an online exchange for our clients to buy and sell ad space on websites for online advertising. Our clients are businesses engaged in Internet advertising - advertisers, publishers and ad networks. Our Yield Manager technology powers this exchange. When ad space on a website is sold, usually to an advertiser or ad network by a publisher, the Yield Manager technology, as an agent for its clients, fulfills the transaction by delivering the ad to the Internet user who visits that site. Generally, an Internet user's computer comes into contact with Right Media when a user visits a website, or views an ad, powered by the Yield Manager technology. The ads sent by the Yield Manager technology are sent from the domain ad.yieldmanager.com, sometimes through client domains that forward ads and ad requests to and from ad.yieldmanager.com.

How does Yield Manager deliver ads to an Internet user?

Before the Yield Manager technology delivers an ad to a user, the Yield Manager technology consults information from several sources, using commonly-used Internet techniques, to decide the best ad to display in that context. The information consulted helps the Yield Manager technology to infer the context in which the ad will appear, and therefore select a more relevant ad. The Yield Manager technology consults the following information in selecting an ad:
  • User's web browser: Non-personally identifiable information is automatically sent to the Yield Manager technology by a user's web browser. This information includes the date and time of the ad request, the user's Internet Protocol Address, browser type, and the web page that the user is visiting.
  • Cookie: Our technology keeps a list of ads previously delivered by the Yield Manager technology to the user in the Yield Manager cookie that is stored on the user's computer hard drive. We also store the number of times the same ad was delivered, the number of times the user clicked on an ad, and the number of times a user possibly transacted business on the advertiser’s site in the cookie. After an ad has been selected we update that cookie information. For general information about cookies, click here.
  • Ad tag from website: Ad tags are placed on a website by its publisher, and call the Yield Manager technology. Ad tags usually contain information about the website, section of the site and size of the ad that Yield Manager should deliver. In some cases, a web publisher can also choose to provide information about the user, such as demographic information previously volunteered to the website by the user (for example, during the registration process) so long as the website has the right to use this information for ad selection. Right Media requires that its clients send information about users only in encrypted or scrambled form so that Right Media is unable to understand the user information provided.
Once the Yield Manager technology has consulted this information, it selects an appropriate ad from the selection of available ads, and immediately delivers that ad. The ad selection and delivery process takes fractions of a second, and that ad is displayed to the user as part of that web page. After an ad is delivered, the Yield Manager technology records the delivery details so that it can compile advertising reports for clients, and invoice them for services.

Right Media is a technology vendor to our clients. Right Media takes available precautions to avoid receiving personally-identifiable information from its clients. We require our clients to encrypt or scramble the data sent to us in the ad delivery process. We also prohibit our technology clients from sending personally-identifiable information to the Yield Manager technology, and require our clients to comply with applicable laws on online privacy. Due to the architecture of the Internet, however, we cannot completely control the type of information a client may send to the Yield Manager servers, or prevent a client from sending personally-identifiable information.

What does the Yield Manager cookie do?

The Yield Manager technology uses "cookies" in ad selection in order to enhance ad effectiveness. In general, a cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's hard drive. Cookies are commonly assigned by online services, such as websites or ad technologies, to recognize a computer that they have encountered before. A cookie is associated with a specific site domain, a specific computer and a specific Internet browser program and can only be recognized by the site domain that assigned the cookie.

The Yield Manager technology reads the user's cookie file prior to selecting an ad to display, and updates the file after an ad is displayed. The cookie information is used primarily to limit the repetitiveness of advertising and to improve the relevance of the advertising displayed. Our cookie, for example, remembers the ads that the Yield Manager technology has delivered to that user's computer, the number of times the same ad was delivered, the number of times the user clicked on an ad, and the number of times a user possibly transacted business on the advertiser’s site.

For information about controlling the use of cookies or to opt out of the Yield Manager cookie, click here.

What does the Yield Manager technology do with clear GIFs?

Yield Manager uses a common web technology called “clear gifs” (also known as “web beacons,” “clear pixels” or “1x1 pixels”). A clear GIF is a tiny graphic placed on a web page that is not visible to a user. Advertisers can employ clear GIFs in their use of Yield Manager technology to measure campaign effectiveness and to optimize campaign performance. For example, if a user clicks through an ad to the advertiser’s website, clear GIFs on the advertiser’s website can report to the Yield Manager servers whether the user visited certain pages of the site. The advertiser can use this information to measure the effectiveness of certain campaigns, and also to target future advertising to this user.

What information does the Yield Manager technology store about users?

Log Files

The Yield Manager technology saves the information about the ads it delivers in log files. The information stored in Yield Manager’s log files include, among other things, the information that is automatically sent to us by a user's web browser when an ad is requested. The log files are kept by Right Media for auditing and fraud detection purposes.

Aggregated Reporting

The Yield Manager technology stores aggregated ad delivery reporting data on our servers. This data comprises the reports we provide to our advertising and publisher clients for campaign reporting and billing purposes. A typical report includes information about the ads delivered, the websites on which the ads were shown, and statistics on user response (e.g., numbers who clicked through). A report also includes statistics about browser type, date and time of ad delivery, and inferred geography.


As described above, the Yield Manager cookie is used as a storage file for a user's ad history. See the next section for information on controlling Right Media's use of the Yield Manager cookie.

What choices does an Internet user have about the Yield Manager cookie?

The Yield Manager technology does not know the identity of a user to whom it delivers advertising. Accordingly, Right Media is unable to provide access or the ability to change information stored by the Yield Manager technology.

Opting out of the Yield Manager cookie

While Right Media believes that cookies enhance the web experience for the user by limiting the repetitiveness of advertising and increasing the level of relevant ads, the Yield Manager technology can deliver advertising to users without a cookie. Because some users may not want information to be collected using cookies, Right Media offers users a way to opt out from our use of data associated with the Yield Manager cookie.

If you would like to disable your unique Yield Manager cookie, simply click here. By doing so, the Yield Manager technology will replace your unique cookie with an “opt-out” cookie that will prevent our technology from recording or updating any information on your cookie.

Because cookies are browser specific, if you use more than one browser on your computer, you will need to disable the Yield Manager cookie on the other browser(s) in order to opt out completely. To do so, point each browser that you use to this page, and click on the disable link above.

Please note that you will need to set the Yield Manager opt-out cookie again under the following circumstances:
  • You buy a new computer or upgrade the browser of your existing computer.
  • You delete the Yield Manager “opt-out” cookie.
In each case, the existing Yield Manager “opt-out” cookie loses its effectiveness. The Yield Manager technology will treat your computer as a new user, and set a new unique cookie the first time you visit a website powered by the Yield Manager technology.

What information does Right Media share with third parties?

Some of Right Media's clients may receive from us copies of log files relating to their advertising information. These clients may, for example, use this information to analyze campaign effectiveness. Each client has warranted that the information it receives will be used in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Right Media may transfer the information it collects on the Yield Manager Site to any successor in interest to Right Media (such as a company that acquires Right Media), or internally to one or more affiliates (such as a corporate subsidiary or parent). Right Media may also disclose information if it determines that an applicable law, regulation or legal process requires it, or if Right Media determines that it needs to share such information to protect or enforce Right Media's rights or the rights of another user.

What other things should an Internet user know?


Right Media maintains safeguards to protect the security, integrity and privacy of the information within our control. Even so, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to protect your information, please be advised that Right Media assumes no responsibility or liability for disclosure of your information due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third-party access or other causes beyond Right Media's control.

Links to Other Websites

Right Media does not control the data collection policies of any website to which our technology delivers advertising or any website to which an ad is linked. Right Media assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions of such third parties with respect to their use of your information or otherwise. We encourage you familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of every website that you visit.

Report Spyware or Adware Problems

Right Media does not support or condone spyware or adware. Occasionally a website or software publisher will bundle our ads with adware or spyware without Right Media's knowledge or consent. In these cases, we do everything we can to track down the responsible party, and to stop our ads from appearing in these technologies.

Pop-up ads originate from two sources: websites that show pop-up ads to generate advertising revenue; or programs installed on your computer can show pop-up ads. Such ad-enabled programs are very often bundled with freeware/shareware and peer-to-peer sharing programs that you may have downloaded.

If you would like help in removing spyware or adware, please see the instructions below or contact us using the Contact Form below, e-mail or phone.

Also, in order to prevent this from happening again to you or others, we also request that you send us the click-through URL so that we may find the party responsible for this problem (instructions on finding click-through URL are below).

About these FAQs

Right Media reserves the right to modify these FAQs at any time. If you have questions or concerns about these FAQs, please click here for client support or write to Right Media at Right Media Inc., Attention: Yield Manager FAQs, 2 Park Avenue, Suite 450, New York, NY 10016.